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Bouman Technologies

Bouman Technologies is an IT solutions provider focused on individuals and small businesses. We provide assistance with troubleshooting IT issues all the way through installation and setup of new hardware and software. Some of our latest projects include:

-Design and installation of a VPN solution to allow the small business access to their internal files/server outside of the office

-Design and installation of a storage network to allow all employees access to a multiple terabyte storage location that backs up automatically


Bouman Technologies also offers complete website solutions, including site build and customization, design, troubleshooting, and advice on how to best utilize your site to reach customers and market your business.  We also offer implementation and training on how to use informatics to capture data about who is accessing your website, how often they return, and how much time they are spending on each page.  This information can help you to further shape your site to enhance customer acquisition and retention.

Here are some examples of our work (click to view the actual website):