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Conversion Tool: MDF (.mf4) to RCP III (.rsp)

Conversion Tool: MDF (.mf4) to RCP III (.rsp)

January 18, 2017 10:08 pm0 comments

Hello Everyone,

The other day I had to convert some measurement data into the MTS RCP III format. The data I had was in the Vector MDF format. These data types are both designed for measurement data. Using LabVIEW, I created an executable to allow you convert MDF to RCP. Note this tool will not convert RCP to MDF.

How to use it

Download these files and install in this order:
Download this .zip file, extract it, and run the MF4_V4toRPCIII.exe

Follow the instructions on the screen


Post a comment if you have any questions or issues,


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